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Networking & Referrals

The Monroe County Business Alliance knows how important business to business networking and referral building are to the success of most small businesses. Have you ever wondered how quickly you could grow if you had more people telling your business story? Find out by connecting with a Connections Group. These small groups allow businesses to train other business owners in their product so that they can create a knowledgeable group of professionals that can listen for opportunities and refer businesses to their peers in the group. These groups, which limit one participant within a market segment, allow you to network with others, pass referrals, learn business tips, and have one-on-one meetings with other business owners in your same community. The Connections Groups meet at different times around the county so please contact the MCBA for more information on joining and growing your business.

Connections Groups

Our Connections Groups are similar to other business networking opportunities where small groups meet, pass referrals, share their business opportunities, get to know each other with one-on-one visits and work to grow each other’s businesses.  If you would like to participate, please contact us at the MCBA office so we can get you included.

Koffee Klub

Koffee Klubs are our morning networking events throughout the year where we meet, network, and have a featured speaker on relevant topics to all of us as business owners in Monroe County.  These are great moments to meet other business owners, mingle with community leaders and influencers and build beneficial relationships for the future.

Brews & News

Brews & News are our evening events where we meet over cocktails (non-alcoholic drinks too) for networking and a chance to relax and get to know each other better.  These events, like our others, are held around the county at different venues so we continue to familiarize our partners with options and opportunities around the community.

Signature Events

Our Signature events include legislative luncheons, Gala’s, an annual Alliance Gala and Steak Our, and other unique and fun opportunities to build your business.  For more information, please see our Events Calendar and contact the MCBA office for more details.