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Logo Usage

The use of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce's logo is for our internal explicit marketing only. The Monroe County Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber) encourages our members to utilize the dated "Proud Member" graphic in their marketing materials, in both print and electronic applications. However, we do require that the following guidelines be met prior to the usage and distribution of materials:

  • Member must receive approval for each marketing piece they are interested in producing, using the "Proud Member" graphic. The Monroe County Chamber of Commerce has the right to refuse distribution of its graphic to any member if materials submitted do not meet with our approval.
  • The "Proud Member" graphic must be used following these guidelines.

    • (1) The graphic should be used in its entirety. It cannot be altered, bent or rotated.
    • (2) Graphic cannot be disproportioned (i.e. made taller or wider than it originally exists).
    • (3) Graphic should be printed in its original colors, or all blue or all black.
    • (4) Graphic must only be used by current members of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce.
    • (5) When graphic is used in an electronic application, it must link to the home page of

  • Member agrees not to distribute or otherwise convey the "Proud Member" graphic to any other party without prior written consent of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce.
  • By use of this "Proud Member" graphic, the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce does not sponsor or endorse any event, publication or particular member of The Chamber. Usage of the "Proud Member" graphic states that the business is a member of the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Termination of the right to use the "Proud Member" graphic will occur if materials produced do not meet with our approval or the business is no longer a member in good standing. In the case of termination or non-renewal of your membership with The Chamber you agree that

    • (1) you will immediately cease usage of the "Proud Member" graphic in any form,
    • (2) if you continue to use the graphic after your membership terminates or is not renewed, you will pay to The Chamber a fee of $500 for each month or part thereof that you continue such use,
    • (3) The Chamber is entitled to receive from the court an injunction against further use of the graphic without having to post a bond, and
    • (4) the user agrees to pay the reasonable attorney's fees of The Chamber if it has to go to court to obtain an injunction and/or to collect the fee for usage after membership has terminated or is not renewed.

  • To request to use the "Proud Member" graphic, please email Include your name, name of your business and contact information.