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Partner Pitch

A Partner Pitch is an opportunity to showcase your business by way of offering a video recorded “tidbit, trick of the trade or tip” that others may not consider or think about.  These are not commercials or opportunities for you to directly sell your services.  Instead, they are a way to showoff your business acumen and spark those watching to call you.  This may drive to a lead, possible networking, referrals, etc.


  • Partners have the option of providing a video or making arrangements with the MCBA staff to shoot the video on your behalf.
  • All Partner Pitch videos will be housed on the MCBA YouTube channel with a link provided (driving to the MCBA website) to the partner for promotion.
  • MCBA maintains the editing rights to all videos.
  • MCBA will share the final video with the partner before release.
  • Upon MCBA release of the video, you will be notified and asked to share the YouTube link via a social media post.